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Public transport: the bus

The bus.

One of the most random vehicles, which I use daily.
I've missed it like a zillion times (I stopped counting after the 3429049320th time)
You know, I found out, I alwats miss the bus with the same people xD

1. C. and I were sitting at the busstop, we just came from our sports. At the busstop, there also was an old man, who was waiting for another bus. C. had a German test the next day, so she was learning, and I was helping here, to kill the time. We were so focused that we didn't notice that our bus was passing by. Suddenly I heard the one and only bus sound, so I raised my head and saw our buss passing by. I shouted: Noooo! Our bus! O.o
I remember the look on the old man's face. It was full of joy and laughter, and he said, while he couldn't suppress a smile: Was that your bus? :D
We tried to chase the bus, but sadly enough we weren't that fast, and the busdriver didn't show any mercy. I'm sure that he sped up till 50 km/h, to tease us xD
And you know, it's diffucult to speed up till 50 km/h.
BUT, we had a plan B! We took the tram =D But we didn't reckon the fact that the tram's route was straight and our route was to the left. We tripped and went to the tramdriver, who also was a very evil woman :P She just laught at us xD Well, I can't blame her, I would've done the same thing (a)

Coming soon: part two!

That's all folks! x


Wow, I'm not very active on this blog. I'm more often on my other blog: Just livin' my life, in Dutch. It's hard, taking care of two blogs. Well, I think the main reason that I'm not very active is the following: I've got a lot of readers at the Dutch blog (a).

I could promote myself, I know, and go international.

I will.

One day.

Time for a new post, don't ya think so? =D

Transaction failed.

A few days ago, there were to guys at my work, around 20 years old, who were doing their groceries for like five euros. After I scanned the first guy's products, he pinned while he was talking to guy no. 2. And then suddenly this text showed up on my screen: Transaction failed. Low credit.
I said: It failed. You don't have any credit.
He said: What? That can't be possible! Let's try it again.
And again: Transaction failed. Low credit.
He was like: shit, shit, shit. I don't have any cash!
So his friend, as his big and tough hero: No worries, I'll pin it for you.
So he paid it for him, and then I helped him with his products. And I was thinking: I'm going to laugh at him, if it works out that he hasn't got any credits anymore xD
And then, he pinned and: Transaction failed. Low credit.
Seriously, I've never tried my best so damn hard to hold by face into a fold xD I love my poker face!
The first guy was laughing his ass off and said: You've got to be kidding me xD
Guy no. 2: Ehm, could get this mozzarella off?
I said, almost exploding: Of course xD
So I had to call for the pass, to get the product out of the list. And again: Transaction failed. Low credit. Meanwhile, there was an whole line behind them xD
Guy no. 1 & 2: Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yeah, I'm sure I had like 11 euros on my account. Yours was 5 euro, wasn't it? It wasn't? O. Damn, I really need these things!
The first guy, who couldn't pin at the first time, left because his products were already paid :P The other guy was calling for his other friends who "were in the neighbourhood"

It took an half hour before they came.
Because the guy was standing behind my counter, I was still giggly :P But I found a way to fix it :) I just smiled extraordinary to every new customer: Good evening! :D
So, after an half hour, his friends showed up, a whole group. One of them asked: How much do you need?
He said: Five euros.

Boys: Ahahahahahaha, you don't even have five euros on your account? Whahahahah xD
And okay, I couldn't hold myself anymore, and I exploded. And when his friends saw me laughing, they even laughed harder xD It was sooo funny xD
I bet the guy was totally embarrassed, but I saw that he could also laugh a bit :P
Great times, great times.

That's all folks! x


Offline thanks to exams week
January the 18th till January the 22nd of 2010

Yes, the week we've all been waiting for, has finally arrived! :)
This is going to be a week of no sleep, learn, learn, study, study, a lot of eating (Every test, my stomach is crying for food) and thinking after my Physics, Chemistry, Math test: Shit, I failed this test, yeah. And after two weeks I found out that I didn't do it that bad :)

But my aim for this examsweek, is an A+++ Good aim, isn't it. Well, actually it's a demand to the universe (a)

Let's hope they make my wish come true, haha.

We'll see it, in the beginning of February, when we receive our notes. pompompom.

That's all folks! x

Public transport: the subway.

I bet I've missed the metro in almost all possible ways. The benefit, about travelling with public transport is that you've always got an excuse at school if you're too late. Well, in my first three years. They've changed everything... I love the good old times. You could always say: the train delayed, the bus was late, the metro exploded O.o Okay, the last one is nonsense, but you've got my point, do you?

Here are my metro experiences, are you ready?


1. I'm a big fan of sleeping and I don't like mornings. I don't have a clue why 7 am exists. Or 8 am. 9 am. 9.30. One time I went to sleep at 3.30 am, just like my sister. She woke up at 11 and me? ten to half past 2 pm. Convinced?:P
In my last post, I already said I wake up too late and as result I have to run to the metro station. I know, maybe it's better to wake up earlier and take some breakfast, but that's a no-go. I can learn and eat at the same time, but I can't sleep and eat at the same time. Bad habit, I know. I've got an whole food package in my locker at school, just in case I'm hungry :)
If I'm the first hour free, I always make a schedule. For example:

School 9.45
Bus: 9.09
Metro: 8.45 or 8.52

I always try to take the metro at 8.45, but I often miss that one. Not really a problem, I can take the second metro. Well, Imagine this.
After I finished dressing up, and left my home all excited, because I was confident that I was going to be right on time for the metro, I chose a song on my mp3 player and walked very relaxed. After I had chosen my song, and looked up I saw my metro passing by. My head followed the train from left to right and I thought, damn, I'm have to take this one! I can make it, I'm going to make it, yeah! I grabbed my OV-card, opened the gate and ran upstairs. A few seconds before I arrived up there, I heard *ding dong* and it left without me. I felt ditched. It's so, so painful. And you know, it was like the metro was laughing at me. The *ding dong* was so loud, a sound what said: Muahaha, see you later alligator! Bitch.

2. Ooh, this I my favorite story xD C. is so going to hate me, after I published this xD
It was a special holiday at our school, and everyone finished school at the same time. We were with a lot of people, but we managed to find a place in the bus. Behind us, there a guy, named M. In my bag, I had the time schedule of the subway. C. asked me what time the metro was going to leave and I said: We've got... two minutes.
She said: What? We have to run, the metro is going to leave!
I said: Nah, I'm not in the mood to run, go without me.
M. behind us asked C.: Is the metro really going to leave?
She said yes, and the moment the bus stopped, they all jumped outside and raced to get the metro. The reason for me, not to run, is because I was for sure that they were going to miss the metro. And I didn't wanted to hear that awful *ding dong*. That's metro language for: Ha, in your face! I'm leaving, muahaha.
So I was walking, all relaxed towards the metro, while C. and the rest were already in the metro. And guess what, I made it O.o I was on the escalator, when I saw that the metro was still standing there. I went inside, and after five seconds , we heard the *ding dong* and we left.
I was laughing my ass off xD
C. said to me, open-eyed: Omg, you made it! Without running O.o

After I finished laughing, and crying thanks to the laughing I said: Hahaha, you ran like someone was going to kill you, haha. And I walked like I've got all the time of the world and still I made it xD
Everybody there was exhausted, thanks to the running because of me. I felt so proud.
And the guy, M. looked furious, because C. made him run for nothing xD
Good old times! (L)

3. The escalator at a metro station is defect, for almost a year. Ridiculous, I tell you. Why would it take a year to fix a escalator? Nonsense, I'm sick of it. I sent them an e-mail and they said: We don't know when we're going to fix it.
Dumb asses. After a tough school day, I don't want to walk 23423849839 steps upstairs. I just want a normal escalator, which brings me upstairs, so I can take my metro. Grmbl. You can put the blame on two parties. One of them, is GVB, the company who doesn't fix the escalator. The other one, is school. All the teachers think their class is the most important, so we have to do all the homework. If you've got, let;s say ten classes, you've got a lot of homework. A lot. Including a lot of books. A lot. A lot of homework + a lot of books= a heavy bag.
However, somebody taped a sign on the escalator which says: This escalator will be repaired, from ... till unknown.
Someone, who was sick of the broken escalator wrote "not" on the sign xD
Brilliant, the guy is brilliant! And it was funny. You know, because it haven't been fixed for ages, and he wrote not, so it's funny. It's just funny, okay :P See my amazing paint-creation.
Oh, I just realized, I HOPE that the one who wrote is, was sick of it. What if it was someone who knows that they'll never fix it O.o That can't me possible, right? I mean, if they are planning not the fix it, they might as well change it in to a gigantic slide (a). I'm just going to stalk GVB: We want the new escalator!
So K. and I showed C. the sign, because we found it funny (and it is!:P) We were standing downstairs, making jokes about it. After a while, we thought that it was time to go upstairs. We went 4549503495 steps upstairs and when we arrived, what a surprise *ding dong*, he left :)
How do we do that!

You know, I've noticed that almost every time I miss the bus/metro/train, it's with C. xD

That's all folks! x

Public transport: OV chipcard.

Since the ending of 2009, Rotterdam and Amsterdam have introduced the OV-chipcard.
And it's a total drama.
If you ask me, there aren't a lot of benefits. I'll give you some examples of me and my OV experience:

Example 1:

If I've got the first hour free from school, I always take the subway, because if I take the bus I have to wake up earlier, and I don't like that. So, I wake up at eight, and take the subway at 8.15. In fact, I've only got 45 minutes. Minus 10 min. of showering and 5 minutes of walking to the station, only an half hour left for me to dress. I'm often too late (a). Very often, so if you ever pass by Amsterdam, and you see a dumbass running for the metro/bus/tram/train, it might be me. However, most of the time a walk fast towards the station, and most of the time, when I'm 20 metres from the station I have to run. Before those OV-gates were there, I could race upstairs and jump between the metro doors before they close. Last time, I had to run (again) and when I arrived, first I had to get my OV-card, scan it, wait before the gate opens (they are so damn slow) and than run upstairs. Result: The metro made that awful *dingdong* sound, and left without me...
That sucks. Big time. And it also hurts. You feel.. rejected. Abandoned. All by yourself, in the cold, tough world. Waiting, for the next metro...

Example 2:

Once, the machine said that I wasn't travelling in my zone, so it took 75ct of my OV-money. The problem was: I didn't have OV-money, so my saldo was -0.75 ct :) If you've got a negative saldo, you can't go ANYWHERE. You're stuck. I was thinking: shit, shit, what to do o.O
I imagined disaster scenarios of me crawling under the gate, while a camera is taping me, and what a coincidence, a police offer :) Or, me pushing the gates open and you hear an awful alarm. Suddenly everybody turns around and watches me like I'm a criminal.
And then, I made up the perfect plan! I've got two stations near my house. At the nearest one, all the gates are closed. But at the other one, the train gates were open, muahaha. I know, I'm brilliant. So I ended up safe :)

Have you read any advantages? I don't think so.

That's all folks! x

le cinema

From, Saturday 19th December.

Thursday J, C, H and me were supposed to go skating. Last-last-last minute we changed our plans and made a appointment for the cinema. And only with J. After a fight about which movie we were going to watch, we finally chose for Old Dogs. After we passed the wind, snow and cold I arrived at Pathé Arena. I waited for J (who arrived two seconds after me) we went inside to buy our tickets. You must know that I've got like 324238493 cards (CJP, XXXS, ID, school pass, bus pass, pin pass etc.) I gave the guy behind the ticket window my XXXS-pass and he said: I'm sorry, but this one isn't valid after 8 o'clock.
But, I had a backup plan, muahaha. I had my CJP-pass, and asked him: What about this one?He said: Yeah, that one is valid. I don't know why, but I felt that the guy didn't like me. Maybe because I spread all my cards on counter. Or because I was kind of noisy.So I started pinning the sum, but it went wrong.
J said, with an evil smile: Pinning is difficult, isn't it? I gave her withering smile, and pinned for a second time.After me, it was J's turn. She said she wanted the same ticket, and I'm pretty sure the guy liked her :P She started to pin, and it also went wrong xD This time, the guy said: Pinning is difficult, isn't it? I thought: YES! In your face, J xD Karma! Dude, you are awesome!
But I said: Ha! In your face. That guy is amazing. He really needs a promotion, I'll personally arrange that (:
After some laughter we went to buy some popcorn (sweeeet popcorn. I wonder how popcorn with butter tastes..) I already bought my popcorn in the supermarket, for like 60 cent. J's popcorn was 4 euros. I asked the girl if I could get some of those boxes, and she said: No, they count the boxes. So she gave me another one. Why would they count the boxes? I bet you pay 3 euro for the box and one euro for the popcorn self. After we settled, we watched some trailers (I'm so going to watch The Spy next door, Sherlock Holmes and Did you hear about the Morgans?)
The movie was funny, but the boy next to us was lhfao. xD He was stamping on the ground en jumping on his chair, not normal :PAfter the movie J wanted to go back to the guy behind the counter, but he wasn't there. By the way, he looked like fourteen. But that can't be possible, because you have to be 16, to sit behind the counter. After a toilet visit, we went towards house. We saw a lot of police men, thanks to the football game at Amsterdam Arena.
I really don't understand why those "supporters" start the riots. It doesn't make any sense. You don't see people fight after a tennis game, do you?
We passed by a track, and J thought it was necessary to throw snow at me. So the whole way to the bus stop we were throwing snow at each other. While we were walking through the Poort (our shopping centre) some awkward guy passed us by.I said to J: no eye-contact, ignore him.
He was talking but we didn't understand what he said, but he kept on talking, even though he passed us for like twenty metres. Suddenly J. shouted Shut the fuck up!
His response?: I love youuuu, I love you!
That guy must be drunk, stoned, or mentally not-okay.And then, a spot caught our eye, in the middle of the Amsterdamse Poort.In my imagination, J. and I were walking towards the spot in slow-motion, while we watched each others steps. When we arrived there, we jumped on the snow, like a tiger and used our in perfectly protected hands by hand gloves to make perfect and smooth snowballs, to throw them. Suddenly somebody behind me shouted: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!
I nearly got a heart-attacked O.oI turned around and look into a smiling young man’s face.
He said: Don't be scared, haha.
I said: Too late.
He and his friend smiled, and J and me walked away, and I said: Good day, sir :)
He said: Good day, madam.
And then I heard them arguing about who was "the sir". Did you hear that? She said good day, sir. I'm not a sir, she said it to you. No, to you man, no you!
But when we went to the bus stop and after we made some pictures, my bus was there, yeah :) So I ran like Speedy Gonzalez across the road to get to my bus. Well, there were two busses and I was standing by the wrong bus (a) I knew that, ehum. And then, to home, yeah.

That's all folks! x